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About Distributors

It's easy to become a hand cleaner distributor for:

Industrial Supply, Printer Supply, Auto Supply, Janitorial Supply, Paint Supply, Tire Supply, Newspaper Supply, Ink Supply, Tool Supply...

Why distribute a hand cleaner?

  • Hand cleaners are consumable products.  Keep your customers coming back.
  • When you bring “Best of Class” products to your customer, they reward your efforts and remain loyal. 
  • It is a great “ADD ON PRODUCT”, to your existing offerings.
  • If it was your hands that are dirty and cracked, you would want the best hand cleaner available.

Why distribute Super Tough Hand Scrub?

Maybe you have tried other hand cleaners—and failed.  Was it because the products could be found on every shelf across America?  At a lower price?  Was it a cheap solvent-based product?
Did the manufacturer educate you sales team?  Provide Samples?  Protect your market?
We understand the distribution business.  We eliminate the initial stocking cost for a new item (see programs below).  Then we work with all your personnel to “Bring them Onboard”. 

Interested in becoming a distributor? 

We make it easy!  You spend nothing unless you decide to continue.  No gimmicks, no tricky billing schemes.  Just a sound offer backed by our trust in this product.  You can’t lose!

Get Your Starter Kit Now!

Go to our e-store and purchase 1 DSK (Distributor Starter Kit). 

When you check out, enter coupon code: Starter-Kit. (Capitalization and hyphen DO matter.)

It will reduce the price to $0.  You only pay shipping costs.  No hidden handling charges.

The kit includes:

  • one TS16Tube
  • one TS1600
  • one TS6400, and
  • 25 4-ounce samples. 

If you decide to stock our product, you pay nothing for the DSK.  After 60 days, if you decide not to continue, just return unsold product.  Pay nothing!

Bring in product, get product in your customer’s hands.  You have no upfront cost!


Give us a call to see how we can work together.



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